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Ashley Ford on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh Scotland promoting The Ecstasy of Victoria Woodhull

The Ecstasy of Victoria Woodhull

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

"Rich in biographical and rhetorical detail, it never feels dry. Ford skips along, bringing a lyrical quality to even the densest parts of the script."
~ Robert Peacock, The Wee Review

Ed Fringe Audience Reviews

"This performance was simply brilliant. We are introduced to a clairvoyant played by Ashley Ford and we are asked to a seance to search for the spirit of the Suffragette... I loved it and will see it again. I give the performance 5 STARS."
~ Graham Osborne
"This was brilliant - from start to finish the audience were treated to a wonderful performance. This is a story that deserves to better known and in my opinion, this show deserves 5 stars. Go see this show if you get the chance."
~ Chloe Deas
"This is a fantastic solo show. Beautifully acted and brought to life by Ashley Ford...the play has been so well written and the whole performance is captivating and entertaining."
- Elena Mazzon
"What a great actress and clever storytelling. Definitely recommend this show and looking forward to reading more about Victoria Woodhull's interesting life."
- Carol Cahill
Ashley Ford as Victoria Woodhull at Hollywood Fringe Festival

The Ecstasy of Victoria Woodhull

Hollywood Fringe Festival

"Ashley Ford treats us to a smart spiritual history lesson…. Victoria Woodhull filled many roles: activist for the sexual liberation of women, a spiritualist con-artist and the first woman to run for President. In her one-woman show based on Woodhull, Ashley Ford manages to succeed in capturing the many facets of this fascinating woman."
- Earnest Kearney, The TVolution

Hollywood Fringe Reviews

"Ashley Ford plays the role – four roles? – she was born to play... Ms. Ford really brought Woodhull to life – on more than one level... A brilliant tour-de-force history lesson one-woman show time-traveling interactive seance."
~ Micah Cover
"Super fun from the jump. At times a truly hysterical take on a historical and wild story of a woman history forgot. Beautiful acting and physical work."
- Katierose Enriquez
"Ashley twirls like a dervish to transition from one character to another...
Engrossing and spellbinding! A perfect one-woman show! Ashley Ford “hosts” many characters during a seance to tell this amazing true story, proving once again that truth is ALWAYS stranger than fiction."
- Robert Berg
"To command an audience from start to finish rested entirely on Ashley Ford’s shoulders and luckily for all involved in the production, she delivered by the spirit loads – WHAT. A. PERFORMANCE. This is tour de force and someone to watch (in my humble opinion)!!
...the portrayals of not only Victoria, but also, her sister, Tennessee, were spellbinding and powerful! Kudos!"
- Carol Becker
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