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Hi! Welcome to my story.


Born in Northern British Columbia Canada I have been blessed to make a living by following my dreams: I have lived, loved, hustled and performed in Vancouver, New York, Los Angeles and across North America playing a myriad of characters on both stage & screen. There are in fact too many to name here! And the list continues to grow. I guess having your "head in the clouds" as a child can pay off. 


I have done my best to share just some of my favorite career highlights. Check back for the latest news, updates & performances.

Update: After successful West & East Coast Premieres in Hollywood and Theatre Row in NYC, I will continue to develop and craft my solo show, The Terrible Legend of Victoria Woodhull with my stellar creative team: Playwright, Theo Salter & Director, Karen Louisa Linton. Stay tuned for future performance dates!

Up Next: LIVESTREAM performance of a new play written for the Zoom medium "Dreaming of Sexual Healing, Sort Of" by Theo Salter. I will be playing the role of Dr. Stephanie Elba, tune in June 7th @ 4:30pm PST at

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